Wednesday, 5 August 2015

We're Doomed, Mr. Mainwaring!

Now get this:-
Sharps- brewers of Doom Bar are owned by Molson Coors; a massive North American Company who also own Stones, by the way. Around a million pints of Doom bar are served every week. That's right...a million!

Now looking at the pump-clip, you would never imagine this...brewed in Cornwall from the finest ingredients, blah blah blah! Looks for all the world like a small, local affair.

So, it's a lovely evening and J and I decide to take the dogs ( you'll get to meet them later if you haven't already) to a local you do. 

Being an ale drinker (rather than lager...and, no doubt, I'll expand on that in a later post!) I had a choice of 2 on draught- Tetleys ( their tea is drinkable) or Doom Bar. I plumped for the latter.

Here's a confession- I do like my jelly-babies! My favourites are the blackcurrant ones and the lime ones (and...yes... I do bite their heads off first!). Next come the orange ones and finally the lemon ones.

Imagine that the only babies left in the packet, when I have been nibbling away at them, are the red ones which presumably have some kind of fruit flavour, but heaven knows what.

Imagine now, taking said red babies, mashing them up, steeping them in Tizer 'rouge' and straining the sickly liquid into a glass.

Doom Bar. It has to be the chickentikkamasala of beers.

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