Sunday, 9 August 2015

It's all about them hops ('bout them hops, 'bout them hops...)

And now, at the other end of the scale....

I was drawn to the Derby Tup on Friday, home to Ade, Wizard of Whittington Moor and his faithful cat Tess to partake of his latest  potion intriguingly labelled 'Test Brew A'.

For a few seconds I got a pleasant, subtle, almost medicinal sweetness evoking the aromas of lychees or parma violets. But, before I get the chance to decide which... wham! In charge the hops, poles and all, with a woody bitterness verging on the sour to daub the inside of my mouth green, leaving my cheeks sucked in like a teen selfie.

This is a grown-up brew for drinkers of Pale Ale as was evidently intended and as such it's far from lacking in sophistication. But, like a dress-suit worn with odd socks, adjustment, in my opinion, is needed.
A tweak on the hop balance  for Brew B and we are in for a real treat.

So, what can I say about Test Brew A experience? Magic!

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