Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Great word, 'serendipity'.

I like to imagine that's what deposited me in the Sheffield Tap placing a glass of Jaipur (Thornbridge) on the dark polished bar in front of me, but in actual fact it was Jayne my partner who took me in there, rightly thinking that I would love it.

The Sheffield Tap...aptly the first real ale bar I encountered on arrival oop north. Aptly because it is a part Sheffield's beautiful railway station on whose platform I had just arrived.
Jaipur. What can I say? The ale has become very popular ( although its recipe has changed at least once since) and casks drain rapidly wherever it's served. 

So, within the space of a British imperial pint, I became hooked on Northern ales and Jaipur was my first.
Now my difficulty is this. I can't recall the nuances of taste of that pint I drank a few years back. All I know is that it impressed me so much that the name Jaipur occupies a special place in my memory.

'Ah, but..', you might interject, 'have you not drank ales equally as good since?' But, of course! Many! And the real ale business here  (Derbyshire and environs) is SO healthy that I enjoy new exciting tastes again and again.

That is why I am writing this blog. To describe the ales in my terms so that I can recall the taste experience and to share with like minds (and palettes) the joy of slurping these wonderful liquids.

So please keep reading and, if you 'get my drift', I'm sure we are in for some great drinking together! Cheers!

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